PRODEC is an engineering design and consulting company in south India. In addition to engineering design, our main focus is on engineering design training. We are always trying to bring a new change in the field of engineering. With training in the field of engineering since 2011, we can build designs tailored to the needs of our customers.

Our main goal is a learning style that incorporates real work methods in the field of construction for newly educated technical students. This will make it easier for newcomers to do engineering jobs. We hope that our free classes, which are based on the latest online learning methods, will be of great help to new learners.

About Engineering Design Training

We have developed a different learning method compared to other engineering training institutes. Technical terms can be very easy for a newcomer to engineering if you learn our training videos.

Now our website presents design software training videos in several parts. Watch all the videos without fail. Ask questions in the comment box. If you have not already subscribed to PRODEC’s YouTube channel, subscribe soon.

About Consultancy Services

As an Engineering Consultant, we provide estimates and designs tailored to our clients through clear technical analysis. Any building that is built now requires technical documentation. We will always be there to help you with that.

Our engineering design team is the main strength of this company which has experience doing many projects in India and abroad.